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What can the Independent Gemological Appraisers Worldwide do for you?

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It is important to insure your fine jewelry against loss, damage or theft.  IGA will provide you with an impartial and correct replacement valuation report, accepted by all insurance companies. This valuation can provide peace of mind for owners of valuable items, knowing that they are adequately insured in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

The sale of precious stones and jewelry must be done in the best conditions to obtain a satisfactory result. IGA valuation will take into account various factors such as the current market conditions, quality, condition of the piece. Our market position offers the best opportunities.

Looking to purchase a nice piece of jewelry? 
By seeking help of the IGA expert, you can make a confident and well-informed decision, avoiding any mishaps.

Company auditors and accountants are increasingly calling upon experts to control stocks. It has become an obligation today to verify the quantity, quality and value of the stock of diamond & gem wholesalers when preparing financial statements of those companies.

Our position and contacts whitin the gem & diamond market, as well as our infrastructure, puts us in the best position to organise auction-style sales to enable the best possible results.

Our valuation will help settle an estate, inheritance, or taxation in an impartial manner.

Assessing damage or loss of precious stones and jewelry at their fair replacement value must be done by experts. IGA can provide assess the extend of the damage and provide a fair and accurate repair valuation based on current market conditions.

We have been experts for over 30 years, appointed by courts in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and other countries. Over the years, we have done survey work for The World Bank, as well as numerous Governments.

The valuation can only be made by experts who are daily in the sector, confronted with the situation and market fluctuations. 

Being a member of the diamond exchanges, having relationships with diamond and gemstone traders, and a deep understanding of gemology and diamonds, IGA uses its expertise to offer impartial and accurate valuations.

Over the years, IGA experts have provided consultancy and valuation services to government of diamond producing countries and diamond mining companies.