General conditions

APPRAISAL-F.M.V. by the Appraisers Association of America – International Society of Appraisers

Appraisal report instructions and guidelines

In accordance with the instructions, I have made an inventory of items identified to me as genuine precious stones and investigated and researched each item to determine Fair Market Value. The purpose of this appraisal is to estimate the Fair Market Value of the jewellery, diamonds (rough or polished) or precious stones (rough or polished) for the client and its own purpose.

As used in this report, the term Fair Market Value represents the mode of prices that could be realized in an orderly sale of the various items in the most common and appropriate market other than that in which such item is most commonly sold to the public taking in to account the location of the item wherever it is appropriate. Further, Fair Market Value as provided in this report takes into consideration items of like kind and quality by the greatest number of reasonably knowledgeable willing buyers and willing sellers, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell, in the market in which these items were not commonly sold to the public – to an ultimate consumer who is buying for a purpose other than to resale in the purchased form.

The value of the items is estimated at the moment of this report. Prices can increase or decrease due to international market function and stability, discovery of new mines, fluctuation of currency, availability on the market of this typical items and the quantity available.
New similarly items in great quantities arriving on the market can also influence the value. Fashion and trends can also affect the prices.

All diamonds and coloured gemstones and/or jewellery were examined, identified, and graded for the qualitative and quantitative properties defined separately in this report, and are in accordance with the standards of the jewellery and precious stones appraisal profession and trade and are replacement value, for insurance.

The market analysis and values provided are based upon different sources of market reports, international auction houses, prices lists and commercial publication, manufacturers of precious stones, market quotations, list, and tabulations from wholesales. Market data approach was used to obtain FMV. Values in this report are based on the most common and appropriate markets: auction and retail. Prices of this report are all taxes included in the country of survey; retail prices can rich till 2.5 of the wholesale market. I have made no investigation as to the title or ownership of the property appraised. Let it be stated that we do not have a present or contemplated interest in the purchase and/or resale of the property appraised and the fee for this appraisal is not contingent upon values submitted. This appraisal is done for its personal use of the client; the undersigned expert cannot be therefore being put responsible.

My instructions for this assignment were to provide my best impartial opinion as to the appropriate markets for the items and their Fair Market Value in those markets.

  1. The conclusions expressed on this report, are the results obtained to the best of our knowledge and based on techniques and grading rules in use at the issue date.
  2. The information contained on this certificate represents our opinion regarding the submitted gem or jewel for examination.
  3. Client recognises that opinions may reasonably vary due to the relatively subjective nature of gem grading analysis. Appraisal is done on normal market situation, based on different sources of professional publications, literature about gemstones and our experience in the trade at the moment of examination. We are not responsible for other values coming out at auctions or selling on the market in different countries or at slow trade moments. Gems value are always influence by the offer and demand and by potential gem collectors, museum financial capacity or trade fluctuation. Certain opinions can differ regarding the characteristics and value mentioned in this report.
  4. The holder of the said certificate acknowledge and accept the fact that our grading methods can in no way be refuted. Neither can we be held responsible for any discrepancies wish might appear and result from repeated examinations, other grading rules, procedures, methods and uses, of other gemmological instruments also valuation we, nor our representatives can be held responsible for any discrepancy caused by application of other examination methods or in case of repeated examinations, other valuation, nor for any action or claim taken on the basis of the report.
  5. This certificate is delivered upon request to whom it may concern, for their own use and benefit, under the condition that we and our officers, directors, employees and consultants, cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for any action that may be taken on the basis of this report.
  6. The relatively small fee charged for this certificate, compared to the potential value of the described Gem, we are not acting as insurer. Goods entrusted to us for any reason are presumed to have been insured by the Customer for all risks, and release us our officers, directors, employees and consultants from all liabilities, claims and damages of every kind and nature.
  7. In the event of any claim, the liability of our lab shall in any way be limited to the amount of the fee paid to us in connection with this transaction.
  8. Our lab will permit the appraisal of the stones submitted to its laboratory. Neither the Customer nor any purchaser of the Gem shall regard this report as a guaranty or warranty. Our lab can appeal, in some difficult cases such as new synthetics or manipulations, on other labs or universities for more sophisticated research.
  9. This certificate cannot be used in whole or in part for advertising, publicity or promotion, without a written authorisation from us.
  10. Acceptance of the present certificate constitutes the unconditional agreement of the customer with the present conditions and all those appearing on our receiving order.
The appraisal report is only to be used and interpreted in its entirety.